Kat Clark

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

KatCoach Kat was a member of both recreational and competitive cheerleading teams for 16 years. Throughout her cheerleading career, she earned opportunities to perform at Disney as well as at the Chicago Thanksgiving Day parade and even the London New Year's Day parade. Kat earned multiple championship titles in her time as a cheerleader including being named a 2012 All-American cheerleader.

Her coaching career began at 12 years old and through the years she has taught both middle and high school recreational cheer and further advanced to teaching
competitive cheer as well as advanced tumbling. Kat has been with Orlando Gymnastics for over 4 years having coached all levels of gymnastics, cheer, and even started our first competition cheer squad. She's so excited to officially get back on the schedule at OG!

Kat is currently working in visual design at City Furniture. Her goal is to go back to school for her art history degree while picking up more coaching hours at OG. Coach Kat is excited for 2020 as she is getting married this September.