Heather Peterson

Marketing Coordinator and Team Coach

Heather spent most of her childhood days in the gym herself. She started Gymnastics at the age of 2 and began competing as early as first grade. She competed Levels 4-6 at Gymnastics X-Calibur in Coal City, Illinois. At age 10, she moved to Pennsylvania where she continued her training at AJS Pancott Gymnastics National Training Center. There, she competed Level 7 and began training for Level 8. When Heather was 11, her family moved back to Illinois where she picked up competitive cheerleading.

Heather began her college education in 2010 at the University of Central Florida where she studied Marketing and Hospitality Management. In the summer of 2013, she studied abroad in Australia to further her education in the field of hospitality and tourism. In 2014, Heather recieved her Bachelor's degree from UCF with Cum Laude honors.

B.S., Marketing and Hospitality, University of Central Florida