Chad Bosch


ChadCoach Chad was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. While in high school Chad did 2 years of track and field and also played football for 4 years, but was often put on the bench because of his small 95 lb frame. Chad was determined to become stronger and faster so with the help of an inspirational football coach, he went on to win state championship and play collegiate rugby for Buffalo State College, where he was studying Mechanical Engineering.
In April 2013, Chad joined the U.S. Navy Reserves as an Electronic Technician. While training in San Diego, Chad became very interested in body weight training as well as a form of street gymnastics called “street workout”. With this new found passion, he decided to pursue physical fitness while inspiring others to make life changes by
becoming a personal trainer.
In late 2015, Chad moved to Florida where he achieved his personal training
certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and began his health and wellness career at LA fitness. He then moved on to the YMCA as a personal trainer and boot camp trainer, working with 75-100 people each week. Chad now has a goal to
continue helping as many kids and adults as he can to realize the importance of exercise and nutrition and the importance it plays in achieving good health and life longevity.

CPR/First Aid
Personal Training