Adren Valdes

Arden was born in Charlotte, NC and moved to Florida when she was 8 years old. Arden has always been involved in sports, she participated in ballet and ballroom dancing from a young age. She later began practicing gymnastics at the age of 9 right here at Orlando Gymnastics! She competed up until the age of 16 when she decided to join the varsity cheerleading team at her high school. While participating in competitive gymnastics, Arden qualified as the 2018 Level 7 Bar State Champion. She thoroughly enjoyed her time as a competitive gymnast and her favorite skill was a Tsukahara on vault. Arden is very excited to be back at Orlando Gymnastics and is looking forward to bringing her extensive knowledge and experience in gymnastics and childcare into her classes!

Arden is currently a Senior in High School and would love to become an ER Nurse in the future. She plans on going to the University of Central Florida once she graduates in order to pursue a Masters degree in Nursing.